Hello and welcome!

We’re so glad that you found us and that you’re interested in learning a little more about who we are.

We are a family from Co. Antrim in Northern Ireland who, in 2018, sat down in front of the TV and had our eyes opened to the damage the human race are doing to this lovely world of ours.

David Attenborough and Stacy Dooley entered our living room and pointed out the obvious! Plastic is filling our oceans and the fashion industry is swallowing up entire communities - and it needs to stop. We need to stop making excuses and start cleaning up the mess we’ve made.

We decided from then on that we would try to do better. We’ve lowered our waste, we’ve dramatically reduced our plastic use, we’ve cut out lots of nasty (and unnecessary) chemicals, and we’ve become more mindful and ethical consumers.

Along the way we discovered lots of local producers who make and sell the products that we use - why would we go beyond our shores when we can shop local and support local people? Sustainability starts at home!

Jump forward to 2019 and we decided not to keep our amazing finds to ourselves. We felt that we could make it easier for others to start making a real difference to the world around us……..so Bamboo and Beeswax was born.

Our aim is to share the products that we’ve found, and love, with you! We hope to become a one-stop-shop for those trying to change their buying habits, and also for local producers (who share our ethos) in search of a retail outlet for their amazing products.

All of the products that we stock are low waste and sustainable. Almost all are produced on the Island of Ireland. Who could ask for more?

We’ve tried and tested every product that we sell and we believe that they are the future.

low waste - local - sustainable