Bathroom Essentials Set

Bathroom Essentials Set


This carefully selected ‘Bathroom Essentials Set’ has been designed to introduce you to a range of products to kick start you on your way to sustainability in the Bathroom.

The Bamboo and Beeswax price for this set is an amazing £37.50 and includes:

1 Curanatura bamboo toothbrush

1 solid beech soap dish by Justinwood

1 Pure soap bar (140g) by Deborah Neill

1 Orange and Ylan Ylang Shampoo (70g/approx 50 washes) for normal hair by Three Hills Soap

1 soap pouch made with 100% recycled Eygyptian cotton by Sustainable Folk

4 Pit Putty minis - the perfect way to test out these amazing deodorants before committing to a larger tin.

Individually purchased these item cost £43 - so this set it the ultimate value purchase!

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