Teen Starter Set

Teen Starter Set

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We've had so many queries about products for teens and pre-teens. So here you go....a lovely little unisex starter kit 

So many of you want to introduce your pre-teens and teens to natural, low waste products before the marketing machine bombards them and convinces them that the need shelves of chemical-laden, plastic wrapped products to solve all life's problems.

By introducing  these products early on you can show your teens that there is a better way 

Wouldn't it be lovely if the next generation found the idea of spray deodorants and pump soaps totally ridiculous?

Wouldn't it be lovely if they always looked closer to home before buying into big brand marketing?

Societal change starts in the home 

(Soap pouches can be selected for preferred colour- Basket optional)

All sets will come with a note from us to let your lovely teen know that they're AMAZING and can change the world by choosing #local #lowwaste #sustainable products 

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