There is beauty close by - have you discovered it yet?

Our ethos is to reduce the negative impact we have on this lovely world of ours by making simple changes in our buying habits. In a world of ‘fast everything’ we’ve lost sight of the world around us, and in doing so we’ve created a bit of a mess! By switching everyday items for more sustainable, natural alternatives there is absolutely no doubt that, together, we will make a difference.

We pride ourselves in never bypassing a local producer to buy our everyday items from overseas. Even in the world of sustainable living, there is a marketing drive to buy from ‘big’ brands. But guess what, there’s probably a hard working man or woman just a stones throw away who is lovingly creating and making exactly what you need.

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Alison is passionate about what she does! 🐝 a great source for all kinds of lovely products and an easy way to support local businesses!
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