Galgorm Honey

Galgorm Honey

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Galgorm Honey is the lovely centrepiece of our Bamboo and Beeswax Signature Set - and it has become the first addition to our local food range

We have always been fortunate enough to be able to pick up this lovely honey locally, and its become a family favourite - what's even better is that it's made by a family friend, the lovely Jamie Pedlow!

From Jamie:
Each jar of Galgorm Golden is cold processed to maintain its rounded flavour as well as preserving its natural goodness. Unlike many other honeys, we keep processing to the absolute minimum, leaving in all the beneficial enzymes, pollen and antioxidants in the jar. It’s honey as the bees intended it. Nothing added, nothing taken away, just pure raw honey. 
This honey has beautiful floral notes and is amazingly clear. There’s a 2 year old here who is pretty fussy about her porridge toppings - this honey is definitely a firm favourite

Available as part of our amazing Bamboo ans Beeswax signature set or can be purchased individually alongside this beautiful Bambu Honey Dipper.

honey dipper:
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