Bamboo and Beeswax Signature Set

Bamboo and Beeswax Signature Set


We are beyond excited about this one!

This set is here to stay and is the perfect gift for the mum who has everything; and it’s a proper little planet saver! And to top it off, this set is housed in a beautiful reSpiin seagrass basket that can be used for years to come.

This little set features the wonderful ‘Bee Bomb’! we are so excited to be stocking this wonderful creation. Hand made in Dorset, Beebombs are a mix of 18 British wildflower seeds, blended with the perfect mix of starter soil and clay. All seeds are native species and listed by the Royal Horticultural Society as ‘perfect pollinators! Scatter your Beebomb onto cleared ground to #bringthebeesback (covers approximately 21sqft).

Keeping on the ‘bee theme’ we have Galgorm Golden Honey from Ballymena (Co. Antrim) paired with a beautiful Bambu, bee-stamped, honey dipper made from USDA certified bamboo. Galgorm Golden Honey is our family favorite and we are so honoured to stock it. With floral notes and amazing clarity this honey is definitely something special.

We’re still not done! How could we not include our number one best selling product - Wax Hive wraps. Made by Nadja and Paddy, these wraps have been flying off our virtual shelves since we first stocked them. The perfect sustainable replacement for cling film and definitely the prettiest thing in your fridge! Various patterns available - due to high demand we’ll send out what we have available at the time of your order - we know you’ll love what we choose

Finally, and exclusively for Mother’s day - from Leah at Beautifully Beaded Jewellry - a unique pair of earrings custom made for Bamboo and Beeswax. We have 15 unique sets in stock in a beautiful range of colours. If you are happy to be surprised I’ll hand pick you a beautiful pair! But if you’d prefer to put in a request I’m more than happy to be contacted - just pop your order number into the contact section and we can chat about colours and bead shapes! Hopefully we’ll have a pair that you will love. Leah has created these earrings using a mixture of beads from ‘Beads for Bees’ (a company who give out wildflower seed in exchange for returned bead tubes!) and some from recycled glass beads made ethically in Ghana.

Go on! You know you love this est as much as we do!

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