Full Size Pit Putty (65g tin)

Full Size Pit Putty (65g tin)


This absolute gem of a product is with us to stay.

Pit Putty deodorant is 100% natural and vegan friendly. It’s free from harsh chemicals, aluminium oxides and preservatives.

Made in Sligo, its one of our favourite local finds!

Pit Putty is probably a little different from what you’re used to in the ‘armpit department’. It’s not an antiperspirant, nor does is just mask the under-arm whiff. Pit Putty’s unique blend alkalises the acidic bi-product of sweat (the whiffy part) and renders sweat ordourless.

The amazing fragrance blends are just the icing on the cake.

This product might take a little bit of getting used to. Mass marketing has told us that we shouldn’t (mustn’t!) sweat - but guess what, we do! Sweating is actually a pretty important part of how our bodies work. Let your body do what it’s designed to do and give this one a whirl!

Another reason I love this product - something that’s not promoted by Pit Putty themselves - is that it forces you to get us close and personal with your armpits….stay with me. To apply Pit Pitty you need to rub a pea sized amount into your armpits. What better reminder to have a good check for any suspicious lumps or bumps!

If you’re a little nervous about this one - why not start with the mini pot tester set (in our featured set section). We’re absolutely confident that you’ll be back for a big pot.

Large tin: 65g

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