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Truthpaste is one of the very few products that we ship in from outside of the Island of Ireland - and for good reason!

The journey to finding a zerowaste, natural toothpaste wasn’t the easiest (or nicest tasting) one. Until we found truthpaste.

truthpaste is a natural clay based toothpaste with Aloe Vera, Neem, Myrrh and a unique blend of essential oils. It has no ‘nasties’ - no bleaching or foaming agents, preservatives or colourants. It’s vegan, it works and it tastes good!

Developed by Marisa, from Brighton, truthpaste is the UK’s first zerowaste toothpaste and is sold all over Europe.

Available in two sizes 40g and 120g.

I would recommend starting with the 40g pot to see how you get on. Natural toothpaste does take a bit of getting used to - but I’m confident you’ll love this one!

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